Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hospital Days for Number Two

Friday was not a good day for B.  The car broke down and he got three pieces of steel in his eye which had to get cut out at hospital.

This morning he went to hospital via ambulance because he suspected another collapsed lung.  I found a message from S on Facebook at 9.30am but she was not there when I phoned the house and I have no idea of their mobile phone numbers after all the changes.  I left a message on Roger's mobile phone and he phoned back later and said that B was OK, but there is a hole in his up to now intact lung at the top and he is on oxygen but he looks fine Roger said.  He said something about polyps causing the hole but B knew from the familiar squelching that he can make it do in various positions there was something wrong.  So far his lung has remained inflated beneath the hole and he will be kept in hospital overnight.  R, S and the machine as R calls Cohen were heading back to the house to get some clothes for B.  They will go back later.  It seems he had to wait in pain for 4 hours before the xray and in pain and getting worse and then after that they sucked out 130ml of air from his chest cavity with a gigantic needle but he has not had that huge tube and hopefully willl avoid it - nevertheless it hurt.

Number one said things were fine (except that he was broke) on a Facebook message but I have not spoken to him.

Me, I'm still feeling achey, shakey, weak and ill and am beginning to wonder if I will get better.  I am getting a lot of pins and needles and strange pains including chest pains and I am tired and not able to look after myself very well.  Basic cooking like an egg or veggie burger which sets my heart racing according to the HR monitor and quick showers is about my limit.  My glands are still sore and I cannot stand the light and noise and feel nauseous periodically and I have that low gut pain I used to associate with Crohn's.  I have to be patient and wait for it to pass....but at least I don't feel bored like I do when I am well enough to want more out of life.  It's raining and raining and raining so I am not missing much.

And just for a reminder of the exitment going on in Australia here're the photos of the week.

And this photo will remind me that the USA is finally catching up to the UK because the Red Cross now will not accept blood from CFS patients just like England.  The ad was posted in the Washington Post.

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